On Easter Sunday, Steven Stephens of Cleveland, Oh., who has now become virally known as "The Cleveland Shooter", live streamed killing a man on his now deactivated Facebook account.

Authorities say Stephens broadcast the video live on the social media network Sunday afternoon.

He is considered armed and risky, if seen, call 9-1-1.

Chief Williams is urging Stephens to turn himself in and not to "do anymore harm to anybody". ". That's what I did, I killed 13 people".

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Cleveland police first learned of the shooting from callers outside the Cleveland area who saw the Facebook post, according to police union President Steve Loomis.

"There are no more victims that we know are tied to him", he said. Some activists have claimed Facebook has unfairly removed evidence of police violence against residents, while others are upset that it took the site so long to take down a video clearly showing a violent crime.

They're urging people in the nearby states of Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and MI to be on the lookout, and warned Stephens should be considered armed and unsafe.

The motive for the shooting wasn't entirely clear from the shaky video, in which Stephens told Godwin a woman's name and said, "She's the reason that this is about to happen to you".

A daughter of the elderly Cleveland man shot and killed in a gruesome video posted on Facebook says he was a gentle person, with nothing mean about him.

A huge manhunt is under way in the United States after police said a man from OH shot and killed an elderly man and posted footage of the killing on Facebook.

Cleveland police have issued a warrant for Stephens on a charge of aggravated murder.

"All federal state and local partners are working side by side to do everything humanly possible to find Mr. Stephens", said Steve Anthony, of the FBI's Cleveland office.

Joy Lane says Monday she had a relationship for several years with Stephens, now the target of a nationwide manhunt for the Easter slaying.

In the video of the shooting, he holds up his employee badge and says, "I'm killing with my Beech Brook badge on too".

The Cleveland Facebook video killer was last spotted in Cleveland, Ohio driving a white Ford Fusion (with a temporary license plate). "My heart and prayers goes out to the family members of the victim (s)".

He is described as being just over 6 feet tall, weighing about 244 pounds.