Zuckerberg made the statement at the F8 developer conference today, saying "we're making the camera the first augmented reality platform".

The company is expected to discuss News Feed changes and the future of video on Facebook, including how people and organizations who post videos to Facebook can make money from them.

Africa's top Facebook developers and partners set to showcase products at the annual F8 conference. In his address, he debuted an early version of a new feature that allows users to scroll through features like "face masks", with thousands of options, from creators across the world. Google, Microsoft and Amazon and the more youthful contender Snapchat are all in the same relentless pursuit of the technology of the future and Facebook can not afford to fall behind. "We want glasses and contact lenses that look and feel normal and overlay digital information over the real world", he said, adding that you wouldn't need to have a TV on your wall when your AR glasses could conjure one up on demand. The focus of the event would be on the augmented reality potentials and make more powerful Messenger. However, he hinted that Facebook will release some kind of glasses or headset: "Over time I think this is going to be a really important technology". "In our previous location, we had around 2,700 attendees, and unfortunately, the space that we had could not accommodate any more than that". It's all the same technology. Facebook said it will introduce some of its "initial explorations into offline features" at the conference.

However, other Facebook products and properties, like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus, may get a mention, as Facebook tends to announce wide-ranging updates. Also, last year, Facebook launched bots for Messenger.

But Facebook did announce a new application for Oculus, called Facebook Spaces, designed so that friends can connect virtually in an interactive virtual environment as if they were in the same room.

But Facebook could still have the edge on rivals such as Snapchat, which also launched some augmented reality features on Tuesday, likely to coincide with Facebook's news. Zuckerberg further used F8 2016 to discuss the social network's 10-year plan, which for the first time, included augmented reality. This could include some new AR related projects as well as upgrades to its 360 degree camera.

Facebook's camera will use object recognition to suggest effects based on the object.

The social media firm is reportedly concerned over the use of its Facebook Live for uploading videos such as the one in Cleveland where a man uploaded a video of shooting a man to death and confessed it. "This will give people a chance to experience augmented reality in a way that isn't so scary or off-putting".