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This data can then be sent to the Max Motor Dreams crib, which means babies can experience a specific trip that they may have become accustomed to.

Ford has created a connected cradle that reproduces the sensations of a auto ride in order to asleep babyThe 1st day of the month having passed, it is probably not a fish of April.

Some babies won't sleep unless they get a nighttime cruise around the neighborhood, as many parents (my own included) can attest. And because it's smart, it comes with an app that parents can use to track their car's route and actually reproduce the sound and feeling of that drive for their baby.

If you've ever had trouble getting a newborn baby to go to sleep, you know that driving around the block is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Rings of LEDs are used to simulate passing street lights, while the base of the cradle gently moves to simulate the movements of a passenger in a car's seat. Ford will have to gauge public interest before they put their money on making more of this avant-garde baby rocker. In a video showing off the technology, Ford described its design process, which involved taking actual movement data from a vehicle journey and incorporating it into the crib's computer.

Ford says that it has no plans at the moment to produce and sell the crib, indicating that it's likely just a design concept. Unfortunately, the innovation is not available for the public and is not likely to see mass production anytime soon.