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Much like the roller coaster of attempting to find connections in life, love, and friendships, Hannah is experiencing the same thing with her own child. Luckily, unlike Marnie, I'm not under any illusions that my readers are my best friends. Not only did Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) get engaged, but Hannah was offered a job at an out-of-town university, before engaging in impromptu fence mending with estranged friend Jessa (Jemima Kirke), who had become involved with Hannah's ex Adam (Adam Driver). A more likely response: "Ugh, they're all bad".

Choosing to use the name suggested by her son's out-of-the-picture, surfing-instructor father, Paul-Louis (Riz Ahmed) wasn't the only surprise Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) sprung in the series finale of HBO's "Girls".

Redemption: In the last two seasons of Girls, especially, Hannah began to acknowledge that other people might have feelings and opinions, too. The only thing she has to speak about is herself, and it's not even a very good - or very interesting - topic. It could not have concluded any other way, with Hannah's story coming full circle and continuing to be the voice of her generation.

In the end, Hannah resolves the problem on her own. Hannah having Grover was Hannah's decision, not anyone else's.

Jessica: Hannah wakes up the next morning to the sight of her mother, Loreen.

While this is going on, Hannah runs into a teenaged girl running through the neighborhood without trousers and shoes. "Girls" couldn't go on beyond Sunday night because Hannah is no longer a "girl" but a mom, woman, and an adult finally embracing adulthood. I'm over here doing something totally different. Marnie really is trying her best, but, being Marnie, can't help but be irksome, singing along to "Fast Car" like she's giving a private concert, and reading Hannah passages from books on breastfeeding in a holier-than-thou tone.

Later, Marnie proceeded to take awkward underwear selfies in the bathroom to Beyonce's "Partition", and Hannah tearfully semi-abandoned Grover.

But for Hannah Horvath - and for Girls - it was a brilliant move, a choice that felt true to the character (of course Hannah would have unsafe sex with a surf instructor on a reporting assignment) while simultaneously needling the show's viewers with a sense of defiance and determination that matches Hannah's reaction to her pregnancy.

What's In Her Future: After a wedding that most definitely gets written up in the New York Times' Vows section, Shosh and her hubby will work their way up the ladder in their chosen careers before moving to Westchester and starting a family. "And then you realize how little other people's perceptions of your identity actually have to do with you". Hannah, half-drowning in the immensity and chaos of motherhood, doesn't cower or quit in the face of what is nearly certainly the most hard hurdle she's yet to confront, and, later, after some more wise nudging from Hannah's mom, Marnie takes ownership of what happens in her life and begins weighing what's next for her. But now that most of those friends and lovers have gone by the wayside, Loreen is still here. "Latching" makes it tough to find that sweet spot in its first third, which is all Hannah and Marnie being very bad to each other despite the best intentions. And frankly I just need to see Laird one more time. And that's part of the projection we have for Hannah. She also has said she wants to be a filmmaker.

As for whether or not this show could go the way of Sex and the City and Entourage and go into the realm of a feature film, we'd once again say that it's possible, but it would nearly go against the intimate nature of this show to move forward and throw these characters into something that was a little bit more bold and big. Yes, she was annoying. Hannah fears something awful has happened to her, and in trying to help, Hannah gives the girl her jeans to wear, and her shoes - leaving Hannah the one pant-less and shoeless.

"Girls" with a depiction of Hannah still fumbling at adulthood.

Loreen then scolded Hannah for saying it. Plus, becoming an uncle and caring for his flighty sister's child instilled responsibility into him as well. And thanks to two dysfunctional but passionate relationships (with Hannah and Jessa), his next one will be his healthiest yet and turn him into the hipster Brooklyn dad he's so ready to be.

Why He's Terrible: Ray was a grumpy, lonely young man in an old man's body who barely tolerated being around the Girls.

Although never a huge fan of "Girls", the HBO series deserves some of the credit it has received for shining an unflinching, unapologetic window on this confusing stage of life, and daring to depict its characters warts and all. "So, she's really grown up". And Loreen's not much comfort.