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Today the Android team shared the first developer preview for the next version of the Android operating system. Google, previous year pushed the Android N Developer Preview as an OTA update for every user who signs up for the Android Beta program, but that isn't the case anymore.

Android O will come with a range of new features which will include things like improved battery life and more.

Android O, as the release is now known, follows last fall's release of Android 7.0 Nougat, which is now installed on about 11 distinct Android devices thanks to Google's apparent lack of concern about platform fragmentation.

To me, it sounds like Google is treating notifications a lot like bundle email, though we'll have to see how it works in practice.

Android's VP of engineering Dave Burke says "we've put additional automatic limits on what apps can do in the background, in three main areas: implicit broadcasts, background services, and location updates".

Android O will also add Picture in Picture support, a feature Apple already offers on its iPad tablets. Notifications on this version provide fine-grain control on what you receive from the source under app-defined categories, allow developers to customize the background color and better snoozing options.

The upcoming Android 8 OS is also expected to bring a new feature called Copy Less, which is a time-saver feature that enables the system to copy data automatically to clipboards. Currently, pundits are banking on the name Android Oreo.

Android O is also bringing notification tweaks. While it's not something a user will interface directly with, it could crucially save battery life, something Google has focused on in Android for a while now. This software is meant for developers, and it's an early look at what those developers can expect to find in the full Android O release.

The developer preview of Android O can be testes on a desktop emulator, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel C devices. It also supports high-quality Bluetooth audio codecs like LDAC for optimal audio fidelity.