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Republican senators said the strike with a bomb known as the "mother of all bombs" (MOAB) was a sign of President Donald Trump's commitment to defeating ISIS wherever the group materializes.

The U.S. Military has dropped the largest conventional bomb in history, the MOAB.

The lack of clarity about United States foreign policy, especially since the arrival of president Trump, has left a gap which Iran and Russian Federation have been all too ready to fill, weakening Afghanistan's western-backed government and leaving the USA increasingly on the sidelines in regional diplomacy. He dodged a question about the mission's goal, but hinted it may have been meant to send a forceful message to North Korea, which is rumored to be planning another nuclear weapons test shortly.

"U.S. forces took every precaution to avoid civilian casualties with this strike", the military said in a statement. The bomb hit a series of caves in the Achin district of the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan. "US Forces will continue offensive operations until ISIS-K is destroyed in Afghanistan", read the statement from US Forces Afghanistan.

In its 2003 review of the legality of using the bomb, the Pentagon concluded that it could not be called an indiscriminate killer under the Law of Armed Conflict.

GBU-43 MOAB: Designed to destroy underground facilities, caves and tunnels, the USA had developed the GPS-guided bomb for the 2003 invasion of Iraq but it was never used in combat until Thursday evening.

"The decision to drop the MOAB in eastern Afghanistan sends a clear message that the United States is committed and determined to defeating ISIS and other terrorist organisations in Afghanistan", said Senator Jim Inhofe, senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The GBU-43/B - which is delivered by parachute after being dropped from a transport plane (in this case, an MC-130) - is thirty-feet long and weights 22,600 pounds. This ammunition was developed during the Iraq War. It is the largest nonnuclear bomb in the USA military's inventory. Former IAF vice chief Air Marshal KK Nohwar told HT on Friday, "India, China and Pakistan largely have a similar stockpile of lighter non-nuclear bombs". We have given them total authorization and that's what they're doing.

Has the USA declared war on Afghanistan? That's the branch of the Islamic State that's active in Afghanistan.

"We have [an] incredible military".