House Speaker Brian Bosma declined to release specifics until the proposal was discussed internally with Republican members.

State lawmakers gave final approval Tuesday to a top legislative priority for Gov. Eric Holcomb, but delayed the start of the policy change until the day after the Republican would leave office following a potential second term.

Both chambers had already agreed on a 10-cent increase in the gas tax as well as an annual automatic inflationary-adjustment to the tax. And it includes new fees for electric and hybrid vehicles. Much of that money now funds other programs, but lawmakers are counting on revenue growth from other taxes to cover the loss.

As for a shift of sales tax on gasoline dollars to pay for roads, Bosma says more of that money will be shifted and over a period of years.

But Democrats point to the state's roughly $2 billion budget reserve and question why the GOP wants everyday motorists to pay more - especially after a decade of Republican-led tax cuts have shifted the burden away from the rich and onto the poor and working class.

That's eliminated about $650 million from the state's budget, according to estimates from Purdue University economist Larry DeBoer. "This will be the strongest road investment in our state's history, which I think is monumental".

IN lawmakers plan to release soon a broad outline of a roads funding agreement that will raise taxes, and details have slowly started to drip out.

IN would need federal approval to expand tolling on interstates. But the Senate moved it to eight years.