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"Stop! He's not stopping", the Nissan driver cries.

The unbelievable sight was filmed on the 15 Freeway in Los Angeles County and posted to Facebook by another motorist, Brian Steimke.

Once stopped, the driver of the Nissan was able to exit the vehicle, which had major damage to the front passenger side.

The windshield was also destroyed and the airbags had deployed as smoke spewed from the vehicle while it was being dragged down the freeway. Steimke asked the truck driver.

It doesn't take very long for new drivers to grow accustomed to sharing the road with semi-trucks.

"Why were you driving so far?"

A driver spotted another motorist in a precarious situation along a California highway: his destroyed auto was being dragged by a semi truck. The truck driver seemed oblivious to the plight of the auto behind him, and said he did not know there was another auto attached to his vehicle, even though he had dragged it for about four miles.

Steimke explained to the man that the guy was wedged on the back of his truck, to which the truck driver responded: 'I didn't know'.

When the driver says he didn't know that, Steimke says "What do you mean you didn't know it, dude!" "You need to get out of your truck right now".