KXIP vs KKR Live Score

If you were to read about all the issue that Mass Effect: Andromeda has, you would think that it will be a huge flop as nothing seems to be right for the fans but if that is the case, why is the game at the number 1 spot in the United Kingdom for a second week?

BioWare Montreal will begin addressing Mass Effect: Andromeda's various bugs starting this week with the multiplatform release of Patch 1.05.

The video is about seven minutes long and you can check it out above. Cited by Techraptor report, Robertson pointed that the major problem that has arisen from this was the human character models and most alien characters were completely outsourced to other branches of EA. And next time around, hopefully LGBTQ fans won't have to make so much noise to get the attention they deserved in the first place. Characters' hair and "general appearances" will also be refined. Today, BioWare committed to address those issues with an upcoming patch and planned future updates.

Taking into account interest shown by the community, BioWare has stated that it might add the weapon to the game with a future update.

For some reason, facial animations were not a high priority to the management team, spending more time polishing the gameplay and other aspects like vehicles.

Looks like we'll see some adjustments to the facial animations, but Flynn assured consumers that more patches will roll out over the coming months for further improvements.

Improvements to male romance options for Scott Ryder.

As to the latter fix, NPC Hainly Abrams is trans-the only trans NPC who identifies themselves as such in conversations with Ryder. They'll be running more APEX missions, and adding new characters, weapons, and maps. Flynn explains that there are a lot more things coming in the mid- and long-term, and we're looking forward to seeing the next big chunk of content coming down the pipe.