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"It's really our parents, our friends and our community who have come together and taught us how to be disciplined", Nigel told the Hamilton-Middletown Journal News.

Thinking about his and his wife's eventual retirement, Mr. Wade notes that they want to avoid putting any extra liability on their children in later years.

"... To have one child from a family be accepted to a school like this is unbelievable, but for all four to be accepted - I just don't, I don't know how it happened", Zach said. "But for all four to be accepted-I just don't, I don't know how it happened".

Zachary nodded in agreement and added, "There has never been a time in our life whenever we said something (career goals) they said "oh that's a big goal". Nigel locked in Johns Hopkins and Vanderbilt while Zach snagged Cornell.

The fraternal quads now are not sure if they'll remain a united set throughout college, but if they decide to attend Harvard or Yale, they will receive full-ride tuition coverage as these universities pledge to cover demonstrated financial need for admitted students.

"To have one child from a family to be accepted to a school like this is unbelievable", Zach told the Washington Post.

Besides the two Ivies, Nick got accepted into Duke, Georgetown and Stanford.

While the family is thrilled with their acceptance success, the $64,000 (Yale) and $63,00 (Harvard) price tags will play a role in the boys' decision making.

Their father, Darrin Wade, who works for General Electric, and their mother, Kim, a school principal, have saved some money toward their sons' educations, but funding four sets of college tuition for four years is nothing to sneeze at.

At first, the Wade parents believed they were only having twins, but two weeks later discovered they were having quadruplets instead.

Here are a few notes on the boys from the father. He was the first born of the fraternal quadruplets. Zach plans to pursue an engineering curriculum. Zach plans to be an engineer, while Nick sees himself double majoring in global relations and economics.

Right now it's not clear which school the brothers will be going to, or even if they will all choose to attend the same college. Nigel has his eyes set on neuroscience, and Aaron wants to study computer science and cognitive science. They have a few weeks to decide.

We're proud of the Wade quads for demonstrating true black excellence, and we wish them well in their future endeavors!