Overwatch's Insurrection is slated to roll out tomorrow, April 11. It features over 100 collectibles for you to feast on including voice lines, sprays, and skins and features Overwatch's second PvE event after Junkenstein's Revenge. The limited time event, which starts today and lasts until May 1st, will pit up to four players against an army of Omnic robots who are ravaging the city of King's Row.

We see a younger Blackwatch-themed McCree, plus an unarmoured, presumably still in rehabilitation Genji, whose half-cyborg skin is arguably the pick of the bunch. For you lore nerds, that's also the critical defining moment that was led up to in the latest comic from Blizzard.

There are ten new skins in total for the Overwatch Uprising event, putting all your favourite heroes back in their original garb. Seeing as Overwatch has always been a multiplayer-focused experience with nothing in the way of an actual narrative for players to take part in, this could be very interesting.

In what's become something of a tradition at this point, some upcoming Overwatch content appears to have leaked - in this case, upcoming event skins. Blizzard confirms the event for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Meanwhile, many people attempting to log in will be presented with a message that they are in queue, with some ridiculous number of people ahead of them (mine says 50,000, currently). And two additional videos, a new "Origin Story" trailer and another "Developer Update" with Director Jeff Kaplan, can also be found after the break. "I think they want to know more about what's going on between Omnics and humans in this world and how did we get there".