Gronk as WH Press Secretary would be absolutely ideal - the level of plausible deniability on virtually any issue would be off the scale. "They win as a team".

After all it may be understandable if the Patriots have not come to the fact that they won the Super Bowl this season.

Prior to the Super Bowl when asked if he'd attend, Martellus Bennett told reporters he wouldn't. They aren't a fair point of comparison.

One player made an impromptu appearance at a White House press before the official ceremony.

Over the years, athletes have either skipped the invite, used the trip to make a social statement or even forward an existing issue. It may not be their last either. Wednesday was a day off from offseason workouts for the Patriots so Brady chose to make the most of his time with his ill mother.

It's worth noting Trump didn't mention Tom Brady once during his remarks, as the quarterback was not there.

He called Wednesday's visit "phenomenal" and "full of new experiences".

Five of whom on that list are not visiting due to political reasons. He had a personal family matter to attend to, he told ESPN's Mike Reiss.

"It's distinct honor for us to celebrate what was unequivocally our sweetest championship with a very good friend and someone's who's mental toughness and strength I greatly admire", Kraft said. He also thanked President Donald Trump for hosting the celebration "and for supporting our team for as long as I can remember".

Some players reportedly declined to attend the White House ceremony because they didn't want to be seen with Trump. Brady did not elaborate on the family issue.

The visit was the first for the Trump administration under the age-old tradition of champions visiting the White House. Brady has had some reported personal issues going on as of late. Earlier this month he jumped into the ring at Wrestlemania and had Brady's jersey with him at the Boston Red Sox opening day game.

Galynn Brady, his mother, has undergone chemotherapy for her battle with cancer, so his absence could be related to that.