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Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia is no fan of political insiders, most recently he's gotten upset with the way his local lawmakers have written the new state budget.

The Democratic governor publicly presented a tray of actual bull manure Thursday in the state capitol as he announced his veto of a Republican-backed budget package - leaving no doubt what he thinks of it.

"We don't have a nothing burger before us today", he said as he lifted the lid on the first platter showing a burger.

Justice brought a new prop to his latest press event on the budget disagreement, removing a plate cover to expose a small pile of what he called "a bunch of political bull you know what".

Justice vowed to veto the budget. He urged everyone to begin working together and "we'll stop the bull crap".

Governor Justice vetoed the bill and said he hopes and prays "the silliness will stop". It would also apply $90 million from the state's rainy day fund to close a projected budget deficit.

The governor's original budget proposal $4.5 billion and included higher spending and increased taxes and fees.

He says the state must also ensure West Virginia patients get treatment from providers "who are current with clinical knowledge". "The Legislature delivered a responsible budget that controls spending and makes our state live within its means - a budget that received the support of an overwhelming majority of members in the Legislature".

Only this time the poop-fueled argument was for more government ...

The lawmakers' approved Medicaid cut, the attendant loss of federal matching funds and other cuts would have cost West Virginia's health programs $178 million, Justice said.