According to new reports, Reinaldo De Jesus Henao, was caught red-handed after his victims used the "Find My Phone" feature on mobile devices, and actually tracked the thief down!

U.S. authorities were able to arrest a thief who stole over a 100 smartphones at the Coachella Valley music festival taking place in Indio, California using one of the most overlooked feature available on many smartphones.

"[We were] taking pictures then we went to post the photo", Laura Hunt Little told NBC affiliate KMIR.

But thanks to technology, many of them got their phones back.

Stealing phones at Coachella is nothing new.

The tech-savvy victims banded together and discovered that all the dots on their apps were leading to the same guy - one Reinaldo De Jesus Henao, 36, who was soon detained by security workers.

Henao has been charged with grand theft and receiving stolen property. Around 20 of the stolen phones were returned to their rightful owners; the rest were left at lost and found.

More than 100,000 people attend Coachella, leading to crowded conditions that can hide pickpockets while giving them easy access to phones, which are often not secured so they can be easily taken.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival attracts a huge crowd given its legacy with the indie, hip-hop and other genres of music. Records from the Correctional Facility in Banning indicated Henao was released after posting $10,000 bail on Saturday. Indio police Sgt. Dan Marshall said Henao's plan was foiled thanks to the Apple app.