- Richard Simmons was hospitalized in California on Monday for severe indigestion, according to TMZ.

Simmons had reportedly been battling discomfort while eating for a few days and made a decision to go to the hospital on Monday.

During the recent podcast, Missing Richard Simmons, Richard's longtime friend and former masseuse, Mauro Oliveira, claimed he is being unwillingly kept in his LA home by his maid, Teresa Reveles. The hit podcast sought to investigate the reasons behind Simmons' public disappearance.

For his part, Simmons has mostly stayed out of the rumor mill, but his family has assured reporters that his health is fine and that he just needed some time to himself to recover from surgery on his knee. "And Frank got bored and he was back for 20 years".

'But it is yet to be determined, I would say'.

Earlier this month Mr Catalano announced Simmons had sealed a "merchandising, endorsements and licensing" business deal.

In fact, even suggesting that he could possibly come out might help drum up interest in some vendors.

Simmons' friend Dan Taberski, who was behind the hugely popular podcast, also spoke about his former pal's new popularity, and how he managed to somehow mastermind a flawless and massively lucrative comeback without doing a single thing.

ABC News cites a rep for Simmons who said Simmons was doing better after the incident.