Samsung's de-facto CEO Lee Jae-yong is now set to go on trial due to his involvement in the long-running political corruption scandal in South Korea.

When is it out?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is one smartphone that will go down in history.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 fiasco took a toll on the company with huge revenue losses.

The companies have also made Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone hit the tech market with free gifts, which includes Bluetooth speakers and Smartphone accessories.

Thankfully we have our answers as the good folks over at EverythingApplePro on YouTube have uploaded a video which compares the Galaxy S8 against the iPhone 7 Plus. Considering that Galaxy Note 8 is a flagship device, it doesn't make sense for Samsung to not equip it with its best display. We're not sure what's up with that but maybe a software fix could address that. Samsung introduced the phones at a March 29 event in NY, delaying the unveiling from its usual late February blitz at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

More details should be forthcoming on the Galaxy Note 8, since there is no shortage of leaks in Samsung's supply chain. Watch the video below to see how the technology works.

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Rumors of the Samsung Galaxy X - a phone with a foldable display - have been building for the past few years.

Sources said the company is still testing the waters for the phone's mass-market launch. However, reports suggest that Korean buyers could get it via Samsung Korea and the wireless carriers in the country. The paper said that Samsung is working on this bigger screened smartphone under the codename of "Great".

We've included affiliate links in this article. Now, the S8 is exceeding in everything of that kind which leaves the question, what will be in a Galaxy Note 8?

Is Samsung merging Galaxy S Series and Galaxy Note Series: Samsung announced their new flagship phones - Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus on March 29, 2017, and since then it has grasped a million focuses.