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First, the details. Sources tell Eurogamer that the SNES Mini would be a microconsole version of Nintendo's 16-bit system, and ready for release by Christmas of this year.

Eurogamer, which usually has impeccable sources for these things, says Nintendo is working on a mini SNES to launch around the holidays, just like in 2016 with the NES Classic Edition. That means the system will probably have several games - such as Super Mario Kart, Earthbound, and others - built in, wired controllers, and the ability to be easily used on TVs. The plans for a SNES Mini led Nintendo to its decision to discontinue the NES Mini this year, rather than continuing to produce them.

The company stated last Thursday that the NES Classic was sold as a cool novelty item for holidays and not a permanent product.

Nintendo recently pulled the plug on production of its NES Classic Mini released previous year, its reasons for doing so largely boiling down to the fact that it had never intended the product to be one that would be manufactured for an extended period of time.

The SNES would reportedly maintain the same easy plug-and-play functionality of its predecessor.

If Nintendo doesn't screw this up, they could look like they know what their fans want with this possible micro console.

The company has yet to comment on talk of an upcoming SNES Mini console, though.

Which games do you hope to see on the SNES mini?

Nintendo has only said, so far, that the NES Classic Edition is being discontinued in North America. But the company seemed to believe it had enough stock to satisfy the market before moving on to the mini SNES in 2017.

The NES Classic Edition, which has a normal retail price of $60, is presently found on Amazon for $171.95.

Perhaps you're unfamiliar with the Super Nintendo? The device is expected to connect to televisions via an HDMI port and let users play digital games bundled with the console.