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This happened in 2016, with Hurricane Alex in January and Tropical Storm Bonnie in May.

The subtropical depression that had been lingering between Bermuda and the Azores strengthened into a depression tropical storm yesterday morning before becoming a storm later in the day.

The last two recorded tropical cyclones that formed in April outside hurricane season were in 1992 and 2003.

An area of low pressure in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean developed into Tropical Storm Arlene late Thursday afternoon.

Arlene did not make it to hurricane strength, so no hurricane-force wind swath is shown.

David Dilley, chief meteorologist at Global Weather Oscillations, predicted 2017 will be the most risky and costly in 12 years for the United States due to a lack of El Nino conditions and warmer-than-normal ocean temperatures across most of the Atlantic Basin.

National Hurricane Center forecast for tropical storm Arlene. But less than 24 hours later, it was no longer a tropical system.

This storm receives the name "Arlene", which is the first on the list of names for 2017.

Post-tropical Arlene is located about 1,235 miles or 1,985 kilometers west of the Azores, the Miami-based weather forecaster said.

Hurricane season doesn't officially begin until June 1st.

Storms that form early in the year outside of the deep tropics are not a foreshadowing to a busier hurricane season, Klotzbach said.

This is the second consecutive year where hurricane season started early.

In fact there were two just a year ago.