Activists protested Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt during a visit to a superfund site in East Chicago, Indiana, on Wednesday, April 19.

Environmentalists believe limiting methane, a gas about 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide in trapping heat, is a low-hanging fruit in efforts to curb climate change.

Pruitt has criticized the EPA for overreach and President Donald Trump's administration has taken steps to roll back stricter environmental regulations put in place over the past eight years.

Politico has already reported that President Trump's budget chief, Mick Mulvaney, singled out the EPA as a particular target for budget cuts and the EPA was to identify two regional offices for closure by June 15.

This office is responsible for holding the companies accountable for their share of the cleanup, such as a 2014 action that forced Atlantic Richfield and DuPont to spend an estimated $21 million at the East Chicago Superfund site.

"They made pleas for assistance, for help", he said.

Pruitt's visit to the Superfund site in northwest in will be positive only if it leads to a dramatic change in the administrator's views on environmental protection, emphasized Jesse Kharbanda, executive director of the Hoosier Environmental Council. Some 330 were living there when the mayor called last summer for residents to be relocated.

Demetra Turner, 44, a resident of the West Calumet Housing Complex who has yet to leave, urged others to keep pressure on the EPA.

Eleven of the remaining families have found new homes and are in the process of moving, according to HUD.

"Back-to-Basics means returning EPA to its core mission", Pruitt said, "protecting the environment by engaging with state, local, and tribal partners to create sensible regulations that enhance economic growth". Housing officials said their goal is to move out all families by May.

Environmentalists say USS Lead Superfund in East Chicago, Indiana, is the poster child of environmental injustice.

Several other EPA employees have been caught drinking and growing marijuana at work. "We want to show him how these vulnerable populations have a received a high concentration of these contaminants from what I would call environmentally criminal industries". Also, Trump has proposed cutting the EPA's budget by 31 percent, nearly one-third, and eliminating more than 3,200 jobs, about 20 percent of the agency's workforce of 15,000.

Later, during a rally outside Carrie Gosch Elementary School, Lopez said she sought testing at the Mayo Clinic that showed she has lead, arsenic and another toxic metal in her bones. Flint families still can not drink tap water without a filter, and as more communities deal with the effects of aging infrastructure on the health of their water systems, we should be strengthening - not cutting - these vital federal tools.