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The dramatic video, recorded by a woman named Naomi Montaie, showed a white cop get out of his patrol vehicle and stop a man, identified by local media as 24-year-old Nandi Cain Jr., just as he was crossing the street.

Meanwhile, Montaie, who is Cain's neighbor, continued to record the arrest, saying, "Oh Jesus, I've seen this, Lord".

An investigation into the officer's actions has been launched and all findings will be sent to the Sacramento County district attorney, who will decide if charges against the officer are merited. "But as you can see on the video clearly, I didn't resist at all".

"Yeah, and the cop beat on him real bad, hurt him real bad, he tried to defend himself and they couldn't even do that because he had him slammed down so fast", said Leeper.

A supervisor, responding to the situation, reviewed the officer's In-Car Camera System and apparently questioned the officer surrounding his actions. "Why you hitting him like that?"' she told Fox 40. Once on the ground, the officer can be seen delivering multiple punches to the man's face.

The officer can be heard on it shouting for the man to get on the ground, and threatening to take him down.

The video was recorded Monday in the Del Paso Heights neighborhood, when Nandi Cain Jr was filmed by his friend Naomi Montaie being attacked by the cop while walking home from work. "If you do not stop right now, I will take you to the ground". Sacramento police officials on Tuesday released Montaie's video along with the dashboard video. "At approximately 2:30 a.m. this morning, he was released from custody and issued a court date for his outstanding warrant". "And then, when they put me in handcuffs and they were driving off, I heard them (talk) about they were going to get me for resisting arrest".

Sacramento police are not identifying the officer involved in this video, but they did tell the TV station that he is on paid administrative leave until the internal investigation is finished.

He was stopped for illegally crossing the street, authorities said.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg said Tuesday that he found the actions of the officer "extremely disturbing and not representative of the training nor the expectations we have for our police department".