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A herd of wild boars mauled a group of ISIS militants in Iraq and killed 3 of them while the extremists hid in an ambush.

A chief of the local Ubaid tribe told the Times that three militants were killed and another five injured by the rowdy hogs.

The men were said to be taking cover in a field as they set up an ambush for local tribesmen, local leaders said.

Anti-jihadist tribesmen retreated to the Hamrin mountains when militants seized the nearby town of Hawija in 2014.

It is understood the boars went on a frenzied rampage near farmland in al-Rashad region, 53km south of Kirkuk.

A source told Alsumaria News that: " Daesh (Islamic State) militants took revenge at the pigs who attacked the farmland", but did not say how.

Hawija is just 100 miles from Mosul, a city in Iraq which is on its way to liberation and is fighting a brutal battle against ISIS.

Sheikh Anwar al-Assi told the newspaper the militants, over a three-day period prior to the attack, had executed 25 people who were attempting to flee the caliphate. "This will not be ISIS' last massacre against citizens", al-Assi said, adding that the true death toll was unknown as some people are still considered missing. On Tuesday, the Iraqi military claimed it had taken control of the al-Tanek neighborhood.

Kirkuk Governor, Najmaldin Karim insisted to the Iraqi army and government to free Hawija.