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The publication says that it's 9-10 inches in diagonal size and that it has a premium feel; however, there's now no information on the processor, screen dimensions or even a name.

According to Android Police, a trusted source has advised them that they're working on a new large size tablet which is around 9-10 inches (diagonally) in size.

The image in the screenshot shows two apps side-by-side, with the caption: "Switch between apps by tapping the app icon in the navigation bar". Now, since Motorola hasn't come up with a tablet in a very long time, this piece of information arouses curiosity.

No one has ever accused the Moto Z lineup of being too bulky; in fact, Motorola's first generation of modular phones are some of the slimmest handsets available. The tablet is said to have a "premium look and feel", but most of its specs are unknown.

Based on the speculation, this new model could be a productivity-geared device more comparable to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

The last tablet we remember from Motorola was the XOOM a few years back. "This integrates with the built-in productivity interface, which features a taskbar and instant app switching, support for multiple windows and optimization for mouse and keyboard operations". The feature was previously seen on the Lenovo Yoga Book that was launched in India last December. Some variants of the device may offer cellular connectivity, it is believed. And there's a dedicated App Drawer button on the navigation bar too. The company's upcoming Android tablet is said to have a productivity mode that enables easy multitasking and smoother pan or zoom.

Hopefully this mystery slate can do a little better if it ever comes to fruition, especially considering Android tablets are a bit of a dying breed these days.