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Manning, who was arrested in 2010, filed a transgender rights lawsuit in prison and attempted suicide twice previous year, according to her lawyers.

Manning was convicted of providing more than 700,000 documents, videos, diplomatic cables and battlefield accounts to WikiLeaks, an worldwide organisation that publishes such information from anonymous sources.

Army spokesperson Lt. Col. Jennifer Johnson said Manning will remain on active duty, but on excess leave, while her she pursues an appeal of her court-martial conviction and 35-year prison sentence.

The term of imprisonment was reduced by the former president of United States Barrack Obama to seven years from previous 35. After the conviction, Manning announced she was a transgender woman and changed her name to Chelsea.

The film "XY Chelsea", by director Tim Travers Hawkins and co-produced by Oscar victor Laura Poitras, would start filming with Manning on Wednesday "as she walks free and begins to tell her story", Pulse said in a statement.

Chelsea Manning, who walked free from prison and headed to Maryland to ease back into society, defended her decision to leak sensitive data about US military, arguing that she wanted Americans to know about the true role of USA military and foreign policy. Producers say Manning granted filmmakers "unprecedented access".

Though she still needs to navigate the legal process, Manning's "priority is living her life in the civilian world and taking care of her own needs".

Friends and family have organised a campaign to raise funds for Manning on her release, which has so far collected more than US$147,000 (€132,242). Two of the men were Reuters photographers there to take photos.

Manning's leak also led to "Cablegate", in which 251,287 diplomatic cables set by the U.S. State Department were published. Manning was imprisoned after providing more than 700,000 confidential documents pertaining to the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts to WikiLeaks.

Manning was convicted by court-martial in 2013 of espionage and other offenses for furnishing more than 700,000 documents, videos, diplomatic cables and battlefield accounts to WikiLeaks, an worldwide organization that publishes such information from anonymous sources, while she was an intelligence analyst in Iraq.

Seven months from today, the former soldier turns 30; the USA military she served meanwhile remains locked in some of the same battles.

"Two more days until the freedom of civilian life", Manning tweeted Monday.

"Through extended periods of solitary confinement and up against the government's insistence on denying her medical care and existence as a woman, Chelsea has emerged with grace, resilience, and an inspiring amount of love for others", Strangio added.

Beginning in February, WikiLeaks publicized the documents Manning sent, causing an uproar and giving the outlet the notoriety to push more classified information into the public eye. He received approval for taxpayer-funded sex reassignment surgery and hormone therapy while in prison, following a hunger strike demanding the surgery last September.