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It looks like Philadelphia is prepared to take Washington guard Markelle Fultz at No. 1.

That's the nature of drafts. The 76ers traded for Boston's top overall pick where they are widely expected to select Washington guard Markelle Fultz.

A team doesn't bring in a player for a last-second workout five days before the draft, as the Sixers did with Fultz last Saturday, unless said player is the focal point of its draft intentions.

With the addition of Fultz, they will have legitimate options on the perimeter and in the post with Embiid, who proved last season that he can be a dominant force in the league.

So with that, it appears that the Celtics have their eye on Tatum as the more solid prospect.

The Sixers need players, lots of them.

They have lived through a stretch with the 76ers that no fan base should have to endure. "With the certainty of No. 1, we know we control our circumstances". As soon as he stepped on campus, he was going right at everybody.

"It's great excitement, obviously", Colangelo said of the buzz of having the top pick. Justin Jackson of North Carolina projects as a top-20 pick too, with some mock drafts pushing him to the Atlanta Hawks.

All of those picks, though, are protected.

Lonzo Ball wants to stay home with the Los Angeles Lakers at No. 2, and it seems surer than ever he will.

On Monday, the Sixers traded up from No. 3 to land Boston's No. 1 overall pick.

Boston, with leading scorer Isaiah Thomas already manning the point guard position, was equally thrilled to drop down two spots and receive what they expect to be a high first-round pick in either 2018 or 2019.

As for what Boston is now going to do with the third pick, whether taking a player or trading it for a superstar, Goodman thinks that's still up in the air. "I think that's what the difference is".

With boatloads of cap space, too, Colangelo wouldn't rule out adding players via free agency, as he did with Jerryd Bayless, Gerald Henderson and Sergio Rodriguez past year.

Fultz, who is expected to be taken with the No. 1 selection by the Philadelphia 76ers, stood in the middle of the front row holding a basketball and wearing a gray suit. "Jayson Tatum, just because he's so versatile and I think his game will translate better in the National Basketball Association than it did in college; and he was already great in college".

Then again, Harden never questioned his abilities, either; not after Hasheem Thabeet went No. 2 overall, which dropped Harden to No. 3; not after he came off the bench for his first three seasons, in Oklahoma City; and certainly not after new Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni made him a point guard this season. If Fultz plays the two spot, McConnell will have the opportunity to use his vision on the court to give Fultz looks at the basket. "We have to be all in on what the right and positive culture is. That was the primary reason to do this now rather than hang onto that other asset".