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Grounded in reality or not, it's in vogue to fire up the Jimmy Butler-Celtics trade speculation every time a substantial National Basketball Association event or development occurs pertaining to Boston or Chicago.

Surely, the Celtics must be coming for Butler next, right? At that time, the Celtics refused to offer their first-round pick from the Nets - the one that, via the May draft lottery, became this No. 1 pick about to be traded to the 76ers - without protections on it.

As of Sunday, the talk is based more on speculation than reality, a stance that at least three league executives the Tribune spoke to over the weekend don't expect to change by Thursday. But what, now that the Celtics have picked up what could be the 12th pick in the 2019 draft in order to move down two spots, they should suddenly be OK with moving their top pick for Butler?

On ESPN's "First Take" Monday morning, Stephen A. Smith reported that the Chicago Bulls approached the 76ers about sending Jimmy Butler to Philly in exchange for the No. 3 overall pick.

Then again, if the C's add Butler and either Blake Griffin and Gordon Hayward, the C's could actually give the Cavs a series.

With that in mind, Chicago Bulls swingman Jimmy Butler has been mentioned by some in the media as a possible target, but at this time and just as it was in February, a deal is very unlikely.

"Boston and Philadelphia obviously were willing to swap picks, and as a result the Boston Celtics are planning on acquiring Jimmy Butler", Smith said.

So what would be the potential consequences of trading away Butler? "Philadelphia in turn said, 'Hey, we don't want Jimmy Butler".