It was June 6 when Warmbier got the word that his 22 year old son was in a coma and had been since he was sentenced in North Korea fifteen months earlier for stealing a propaganda poster from a hotel.

Fred Warmbier said his family doesn't believe North Korea's explanation that Otto Warmbier fell into a coma after contracting botulism and taking a sleeping pill shortly after his sentencing. However, Warmbier's parents and leading medical experts aren't buying Pyongyang's explanation either.

North Korea said Thursday it released Warmbier over "humanitarian" reasons, its first official comment since he was returned to his home state of OH in a coma. He does not believe North Korea's claim that his son's coma resulted from botulism and a sleeping pill.

"We don't believe anything they [North Korea] say", Fred Warmbier said, wearing a sport coat Otto Warmbier had worn during a broadcast confession of his crimes a year ago in North Korea.

"We are not burdened with whatever North Korea says or does any longer", he said.

"The North Koreans have a lot of explaining to do - they may have violated the Geneva Convention", Richardson told TIME.

However, Warmbier doesn't have any signs of other significant organ damage.

"Please, I have made the worst mistake of my life, but please, act to save me", Warmbier said during his court appearance in March 2016. And no excuse for the way they've treated so many others.

Richardson, a Democrat, credited the State Department with securing Warmbier's return from North Korea without any preconditions but said a forceful response from the USA government would be required "if it's determined that there was a cover-up and Otto's condition was not disclosed and he didn't get proper treatment". Two of them were teachers at a private school while the third person worked in a special economic zone in North Korea.

"You thanked President Trump and then you also said that the past administration didn't do enough, so do you feel like then-President Obama should have been doing more to help?" the reporter asked.

Now that Warmbier has returned, his parents told Fox News that they are "adjusting to a different reality." "We see the results of their actions with Otto", Fred Warmbier said Thursday.

Trump called the family last night, Fred Warmbier said.

Warmbier said his son, who was in stable condition according to the OH hospital where he was transferred, was subjected to brutal treatment.