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The footage was released Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension under a public records request and comes less than a week after Officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted over Philando Castile's death, the Minnesota Star Tribune reports.

The release of this new footage and the dashcam video continue to cause outrage of the recent verdict. It was played for jurors at trial but was not released publicly until Tuesday. The in-squad camera video of Reynolds and her daughter waiting to be transported to the Roseville Police Department for questioning, was not shown at trial. Yanez says he told Castile not to reach for the gun and that Castile's "grip [was] a lot wider than a wallet".

Before Castile finished that sentence, Yanez began pulling his weapon out of the holster.

The officer replies, "Okay, Don't reach for it then". He told the driver twice more not to pull out the weapon and then started firing into the vehicle.

Castile had a permit to carry the weapon. Does he really believe that a person who smokes in front of their child in a auto would have the propensity to kill a police officer?

Her daughter was sitting in the back seat when the officer opened fire. I couldn't say if the fact that some cannot overcome their trust and confidence in police as a whole contributed to the outcome.

But even with the shocking squad-car footage, prosecutors faced a challenge because no video showed exactly what happened inside Castile's auto. Suddenly, the situation escalated when the officers saw Lyles clutching a knife. In reality, the officer had been looking for an armed robbery suspect whose description he later said matched Castile's appearance. It captures what was said between the two men. Yanez asked Castille to show his license.

Yanez's statements are not only prejudice against Castile (he assumes that Castile must be the one smoking marijuana and that he owns a gun to ward off drug dealers) but are an example of blatant implicit bias.

Yanez's trial ended last week. Castile gives the proof of insurance to Yanez through the driver's side window, and Castile puts it in his pocket.

After the shooting, the video shows Yanez standing at the vehicle window, breathing heavily and cursing repeatedly, with his gun drawn for some time.

Newly released video showed Diamond Reynolds and her 4-year-old daughter just moments after Philando Castile had been shot and killed.

"You just killed my boyfriend", Reynolds says just before she begins to live-stream the resulting chaos on Facebook, allowing the world to watch Castile die from his wounds in real-time. "That really messes me up to hear her die".

A fellow officer speaks repeatedly to Yanez to get him away from the auto: "I'm going to take your spot". Somehow, some way, and it may take years - probably more years than I left on this good earth - we need to change what goes through the mind of the American police officer in those seven seconds. And I had no other option than to take out my firearm, and I shot. Yanez slowly walks away, and another officer says: "You all right? I'm right here with you".

NELSON: After Castile pulled over and started to speak to the officer, the encounter soon turned violent. Yanez is then off-camera, but can be heard talking through his body microphone.