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Mr. Cosby arrived at the courthouse Monday holding his spokesman's arm for support as he walked past dozens of cameras.

Prosecutors are expected to continue focusing on Cosby's testimony on Friday.

In his depositions, taken during Constand's civil lawsuit in 2005 and 2006, Cosby said he gave her Benadryl to help her relax before they engaged in what he described as consensual sexual conduct.

A federal judge's decision to unseal Cosby's deposition in 2015 prompted prosecutors in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, to reopen the case and later bring charges just before the statute of limitations expired.

The jury was not immediately read one of the most explosive exchanges in the deposition: where Cosby acknowledged using quaaludes, a now-banned sedative, in his pursuit of women for sex. When asked whether he would "use them for young women you wanted to have sex with", he answered, "Yes", but said he never gave the drugs to a woman without her knowledge.

Cosby, 79, faces charges that he drugged and sexually assaulted Andrea Constand, a former employee of his alma mater Temple University, at his Philadelphia-area home in 2004. After all, his defense is that the pair's sexual encounter was consensual, something that becomes decidedly less likely if Andrea Constand is gay.

"Tell your mother you were awake, tell your mother about the orgasm, tell you mother we talked", he said he had wanted to plead. They saved Cosby's damaging deposition testimony until practically the very end.

When asked why he didn't tell Constand of his interest, Cosby replied, "Don't do it that way". He then waved from the back of an SUV.

Portions of the deposition became public almost two years ago.

Assistant District Attorney Kristen Feden point out that the defense had questioned Constand's behavior, spending nearly an hour grilling her about phone calls to Cosby in the weeks after the alleged assault. "But my apology was, my God, I'm in trouble with these people because this is an old man and their young daughter and the mother sees this", he said.

Cosby pressed Gianna Constand to agree to an in-person meeting to discuss their problems and the possibility of the wealthy entertainer paying for Andrea Constand to attend graduate school. She turned him down.

Montgomery County prosecutors first called the major-crimes detective to the stand Thursday afternoon to introduce Cosby's once-sealed deposition testimony. — Cosby, from his deposition, talking about how he touched Constand after he'd given pills to her. Judge O'Neill denied the mistrial request.

Bill Cosby's reputation and his screen persona as the lovable patriarch of America's favourite television family parted company long ago - and if the star of The Cosby Show had any hope of rehabilitation after 60 women accused him of sexual assault, the details revealed in court this week have made it far harder. In that civil case, Bill Cosby paid an undisclosed amount to Andrea Constand in exchange for her silence. "The case goes on", under a Washington Post story about Cosby's trial on Facebook. Doing so would carry enormous risk for Cosby, exposing him to cross-examination about some of the lurid things in his deposition.

But for all those wondering where Cosby's wife of more than 50 years has been, Camille reportedly plans to come to court next week.