It's impossible to say whether Microsoft will be making a loss on the Xbox One X, or merely breaking even, but we do know for sure that they'll be relying on selling lots of games to turn this into a profitable venture. Xbox One X will be offering 6 teraflops (trillion floating point operations per second), in comparison to only 4.2 offered by PS4 Pro.

On the other hand, Mike Ybarra, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President for Xbox and Windows, refused to deny or confirm whether the new Xbox would still be compatible with virtual reality in future.

Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer has been talking far and wide about Xbox One X this week, this following the console's grand unveiling on Sunday night during Microsoft's press conference. Hence, all of those being upscale to the 4K resolution that the Xbox One X promises to bring to the TVs of gamers around the globe on November 7th, when it finally hits the shelves. "Put the disc in, downloads game, play".

The fact that Microsoft is not making a profit on the Xbox One X now, however, could not be considered surprising at all. The company did announce "Sea of Thieves", "Crackdown 3", "State of Decay 2" and "Forza Motorsport 7", but all of those were already known about prior to E3 2017. But just how many titles can we realistically expect?

Xbox One X Price Too Steep? It's both the most powerful and smallest console Xbox has ever built.

Even at $499 United States dollars, the company will sell the new console of Xbox One X at a loss. Xbox One X also offers the ultimate 4K entertainment package with 4K Ultra HD for Blu-ray X and streamed content, HDR support for gaming and video, and Dolby Atmos support. Microsoft's new console also comes with 12 GB of RAM, compared to only 8 GB for Sony's premium device. Beyond Phil Spencer, Microsoft has been very quiet on the possibility of VR support on the Xbox One X.

Xbox Live Gold membership required for online multiplayer on Xbox consoles.