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There was an incident at Orlando International Airport at about 3 p.m. Sunday involving Jose Rodriguez. But the police said the case remains open. She gets angry and throws a drink on @PrideofMexico. Alberto Del Rio, 40, was spoken to by police at Orlando International Airport in Florida last Sunday (09.07.17) following a commotion with a woman - which some witnesses have claimed was the wrestler's girlfriend. "GFW is a privately-held company and will thoroughly investigate this incident and fully cooperate with law enforcement".

Paige's brother Zak Bevis has released a statement saying he's anxious his sister will end up like Amy Winehouse or Whitney Houston if she doesn't get away from Alberto El Patron.

'Please leave us alone that's it'.

"I've got too say I'm very anxious about my sister", Bevis wrote (sic).

An Orlando Police statement confirmed: "The reported incident was a domestic violence battery, and it is still under investigation". She said there was no fight between the two lovers, and Del Rio was instead arguing with another woman, who was trying to take her photograph.

- The witness believed the argument between the pair started because Del Rio said inflammatory comments about one of Paige's family members. Alberto's then-wife, Angela Velkei, has claimed in divorce papers that she and her husband broke up two weeks later. ".please share this, I want the world to know that i care about my lil sister.everyone keep an eye on her.you'll be argry at me but I love you, I'm writing this on behalf of all the Knights". It sounds like Del Rio dares her to call the cops, to which Paige responded, "Just stay out of my life".

Paige's father said at the time he was concerned about his daughter's condition after the leak.

That is when the witness pulled out her phone again and tried to record the argument, which is where the TMZ audio came from.