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RED, the makers of fine photography equipment that will set you back the price of a new vehicle, have introduced its own smartphone - Hydrogen.

The 5.7-inch phone runs Android, and pre-orders are available in two tiers: It costs $1,595 for the "Titanium" high-end version and $1,195 for the "Aluminum" slightly lower-end version. Here's a look at the features being touted for the device. RED has built incredibly high-powered cameras that have become the darling of many in the film industry, now they're setting their sights on the smartphone market with what seems to be a deeply odd device announcement. It can play this content in landscape and portrait modes.

At the same time, there's a new H3O algorithm that RED promises will turn regular stereo audio into multi-dimensional sound. Thanks to this, the user experience will be complete.

Building on the tradition of being able to add features to a RED camera, the Hydrogen One will allow users to expand the handset with an "ever-expanding modular component system" thanks to a new high speed data bus.

The RED camera smartphone is now only available for preorder.

If you are familiar with the Red brand at all, you probably know the company as the maker of some insanely expensive super-professional level cameras. That Hydrogen 4-View content that RED mentions includes movies, games, and other things that will, presumably, be available by the time Hydrogen One hits store shelves.

Luckily the phone comes with a USB-C cable and charger, a microSD card slot and even a "special small token" for those ordering early.

The order for this device can be placed today and will ship from first production batch. It is rather odd that one doesn't get all the information regarding the handset before placing an order.

While numerous Hydrogen One's current specs remain unknown, we do know that the phone will feature USB Type-C, standard 3.5mm headphone jack and a microSD card slot.

RED, meanwhile, only has the teaser image above for us.

Who has $1,200 to spare?

For this price, the list of features should be quite a long one.