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Demand Progress, Internet Association and Free Press and other major tech companies are lining up to make "Day of Action" an opportunity to refute the rollback of net neutrality.

If you value a free internet, find out who your Senator and Representatives are and flood their offices with calls supporting Net Neutrality. It's the idea and tradition that internet service providers (ISPs) will not discriminate or charge differently based on content, website, or platform-and essentially that ISPs must provide the same version of the internet to everyone regardless of their location, political opinion, or internet consumption habits. Internet companies, innovative startups, and millions of internet users depend on these common-sense protections that prevent blocking or throttling of internet traffic, segmenting the internet into paid fast lanes and slow lanes, and other discriminatory practices.

Ajit Pai, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, has a reputation as a nice guy who remembers co-workers' birthdays and their children's names.

"The Day of Action isn't created to educate consumers about sensible policies, rather its goal is to scare them into thinking their internet experience will somehow suddenly be degraded if the FCC restores light touch regulation".

Net Neutrality (or a similar measure) has reared its head before. He wasn't alone in his incredulity at AT&T's professed support of net neutrality.

Supporters of net neutrality are today urging Internet users to send comments to the FCC to tell the agency that its plan to reverse the nation's net neutrality rules is wrong and unfair.

Indeed, Reddit's top two posts are titled, "We need your voice as we continue the fight for net neutrality" and "Your online gaming is once again at risk. PornHub, one of the world's most visited sites, will also be taking part".

"It made a decision to slap an old regulatory framework called 'Title II" - originally designed in the 1930s for the Ma Bell telephone monopoly - upon thousands of internet service providers, big and small'.

'That means slow streaming, which, especially in regards to online porn, is quite problematic as you can imagine'.

But Trump's FCC, with Pai at the helm, wants to repeal the rules.

Pai argues that requiring internet service providers to "divert resources" to abiding by the 2015 regulations keeps them from being able to make investments.

USTelecom president Jonathan Spalter said the real issue in the net-neutrality protest was protecting the bottom lines of "large, powerful internet companies". In that time, telecom industry representatives hope that the FCC will have reviewed public comments and returned ISP classification to that of an information service rather than a Title II common carrier. A final vote on any new proposal is expected later this year. Despite ISPs' claims to remain neutral, protesters fear the repeal could impede on the freedom of an open internet.

You can take part too - there are easy-to-use tools that will allow you to call lawmakers and submit a pro-Net Neutrality comment to the FCC.

While pirates may have helped to get the ball rolling, they're no longer a player in the current net neutrality debate.