He might not be Michael Jordan, or even LeBron James, but Steph Curry has just agreed to what amounts to the richest deal in National Basketball Association history.

It has been reported that the length of the contract is more important to Iguodala than the amount of money, with the Warriors hesitant to add a third year to the deal for tax purposes.

Fresh off his first career championship, David West is returning to the Golden State Warriors for what is expected to be his final National Basketball Association season.

Curry's new contract makes him the highest-paid player in National Basketball Association history. Durant is expected to sign after the Warriors are done making moves.

The Warriors already have agreements in place with Stephen Curry (five years, $201 million), Shaun Livingston (three years, $24 million, $18 million guaranteed) and David West (one year, $2.32 million).

This is the case then for all of the elite players such as Curry, Kevin Durant and LeBron James, who, on Saturday afternoon, argued on Twitter dot com that there shouldn't be a max contract, given how much value the players bring to their teams.

Ray concluded that his son will play baseball, where careers last longer and salaries are considerably higher. We'll have to wait and see.