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Trump and Macron are seen walking down a Paris street backed by a marching band and French flag.

President Trump on Thursday hailed the results of the Syrian cease-fire that he negotiated with Russian President Vladimir Putin and downplayed the furor over his son's contact with a Russian lawyer as standard practice in the bare-knuckled world of presidential campaigns. He's 39, she's 64 - which you know has to be making Trump's insane orange head spin, right?

On Thursday, Mr Trump suggested he could review his position on climate change, after Mr Macron argued in defence of the 2015 Paris accord. "If it happens", he said, "it will be wonderful; if it doesn't, that will be OK too".

Trump's two-day sojourn to Paris is relaxing amid a row over allegations that his family colluded with Russian Federation to win United States presidential election. Macron said he "respected" Trump's decision but France remained committed to the accord.

French President Macron's invitation was offered to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the entry of American troops into the First World War. It is unclear what Brigitte Macron said in response.

"You know, you're in such good shape", he said, before repeating the observation to her husband.

"Even if it were not a sexist remark or a reference to Brigitte Macron's age, the formulation appears at least clumsy".

He then turned to the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, and said, "She's in such good physical shape".

"And that is why I wish to thank them, thank the United States for the choice it made 100 years ago", he said. "And he already said at the press conference, 'You have a attractive, peaceful city".

Trump looked the French first lady up and down before blurting out an awkward compliment of the woman just seven years younger than him.

Trump and Macron will discuss counter-terrorism, Iraq, Syria bilateral ties and French anti-jihadi military operations in Africa and then hold a joint press conference, the Guardian reported.

The interaction remained friendly, despite tugging on occasions from both Mr Macron and the US President. Looking at Macron, Trump added: "You better do a good job, please". And I'm coming back.