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With gas prices just at and below $2 per gallon (reported as low as $1.69 per gallon) the prices of all travel is expected to drop - with airfare expected to drop 10 percent and the price of auto rentals estimated to drop up to 14 percent across the country. That can not be said for the West Coast where gas prices are inching near $3 per gallon.

At last check, the statewide average cost per a gallon of gas was $2.27 per gallon, which is a drop of 3.1 cents over last month and 2.1 cents more than this time a year ago. The state was averaging $2.21 a year ago at this time. Motorists in Miami-Dade County were paying an average $2.25, a 3-cent drop compared to the previous Monday.

Kentucky follows not too far behind in sixth place with an 18 cent decrease for regular gas, bringing the price down to two dollars and eleven cents. Prices at some stations plunge to $1.49.

The monthlong gas-price free fall is a result of skidding crude oil prices in global markets over the past month, spurred by increased drilling production in the United States. "While holiday gasoline demand is likely to reach new highs, it will probably not be enough to cause a significant increase on the price of gasoline in the coming week". By contrast, Champaign-Urbana has the cheapest gasoline, at $2.06 per gallon.

AAA projects 865,000 Arizonans will travel over the holiday weekend from Friday June 30 to Tuesday July 4, with 37.5 million Americans embarking on Independence Day road trips.

Oklahoma has the 3rd-least-expensive gasoline in the nation, at $1.97 per gallon; Missouri is 7th cheapest at $2.00.