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According to Fast Company's sources, the 3D sensor isn't working "reliably".

Apple engineers are starting to "panic" over the possibility of delaying the iPhone 8 after having trouble fixing various issues.

There has been a lot of rumors and speculations going around regarding the iPhone 8, which has also been nicknamed as the iPhone X and the iPhone Pro. However, the software that would allow the feature to work isn't cooperating.

One of those problems is wireless charging, according to the report.

Will the iPhone 8 Be Delayed?

Along with wireless charging, an OLED display are expected to be among the major new features of the upcoming iPhone.

This analysis comes days after Wall Street analyst Brian White claimed Apple was "among the most underappreciated stocks in the world."

It's also expected to completely do away with the iconic home button and feature wireless charging and a fingerprint sensor underneath the phone. That too has been a worry for Apple, and a potential cause of delays-not because of the quality of the hardware, but because of a scarcity of OLED manufacturing facilities around the world.

The portrait mode refers to a holdup in the iPhone 7 Plus's portrait mode, which was added a month after it was launched because the tech behind it wasn't ready at the time. This is another long-rumored feature, believed to be used for facial recognition, and while the source wouldn't confirm that they did claim that the hardware is fine but the software isn't. Those include Qi wireless charging as well as a front-facing 3D sensor ala Microsoft Kinect.

Apple has faced challenges with component shortages and iPhone functions delayed by software issues in the past.

In addition to leaks from these two generally very reliable sources, analyst Andy Hargreaves says that Apple is still trying to get the under-the-display Touch ID technology implemented in the OLED iPhone, but that time is running out for the iDevice maker to do so.

These software problems mean these features "may not be available" when it is announced.

Coming to a different report by Barron's, it claims that Apple has not yet made its mind about the placement of fingerprint scanner.

Think about how the original Apple iPhone team felt when they were closing in on the introduction of that device. A source told Fast Company that it may end up shipping the iPhone 8 with the hardware installed.

Apple has faced declining revenues over the past several years, and the iPhone remains the company's best-selling brand.