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But the "Calibri" font exposed her.

The Pakistan Prime Minister has been under pressure since documents leaked in 2016 from a Panama-based law firm which disclosed that his family had offshore accounts. The report found major disparities in the money trail provided of the Sharif family's assets.

But that may soon change - all because of the Calibri clue.

Microsoft's default font, Calibri, is now at the centre of a hot legal and political debate in Pakistan and it could very well end up sealing the fate of the country's first family. With the investigation now entering crucial stages, it appears that the availability and use of Microsoft's Calibri font have been used as evidence in the case. The documents were dated in 2006, however - and Calibri only became publically available in 2007, making a case for forgery.

The whole thing has prompted a tweet storm with the hastag #Fontgate.

The font was created to work with Microsoft's ClearType system, which is an application used to make text easier to read on LCD monitors. Nearly all opposition parties, including the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and the Pakistan People's Party (PPP), have asked the prime minister to resign. According to a statement from JIT, the documents which Maryam Nawaz Sharif had presented for investigation were photocopies of the doctored version of the original document.

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The 254-page report alleges Sharif's businesses alone are not enough to explain the family's wealth, which includes flats in an upscale London borough. The SC will decide how to proceed and whether to call for a trial.

Although Sharif narrowly escaped disqualification from a five-member Supreme Court bench, the investigation's findings could prove harder to dodge.

The JIT was to investigate the real beneficiaries of the said offshore companies, authenticity of a letter written by Qatar's former prime minister that spoke of cash transactions being customary and probe the role of Sharif's three children within 60 days. While the Pakistan Supreme Court directed the JIT to carry out the probe, so far Sharif has escaped being completely pinned down and has been allowed to continue as prime minister.

The meeting at the PM House was attended by the premier's brother Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, daughter Maryam Nawaz, other senior ministers and legal experts. The court is scheduled to take up the case again on Monday (10).

Sharif pointed to the opposition parties who have been demanding his resignation following the release of the report, and said, "The people of Pakistan have elected me and only they can remove me from this post".