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"We will not support any extension to this deadline because it would require the United Kingdom to hold European elections in May 2019", he wrote. The EU wants it to be the latter.

It will not be possible for Britain to enjoy all the benefits of the single market or frictionless trade with its former EU partners after Brexit, the European Commission's chief negotiator has warned.

Mrs May came under fire from her own party over the weekend as she prepared to publish a draft law this week meant to repeal the UK's membership of the European Union, and set a new legal framework for the country after it withdraws from the bloc.

The letter has been welcomed by expat groups the3million and British in Europe.

Mr Mitchell, a close ally of Brexit Secretary David Davis, told Conservative members of parliament at a June 26 dinner that the party needs a new leader, the Mail said, citing a lawmaker at the gathering.

Mr Johnson replied: "I'm sure that your words will have broken like a thunderclap over Brussels and they will pay attention to what you have said".

"Negotiators on both sides of the UK-EU talks should aim to agree transitional arrangements as soon as possible", the CBI said in a statement.

But Williams fears that although he is now in high demand, after Brexit his CV will go to the bottom of the pile in places such as Germany where companies have to prove they are unable to find an EU Citizen to do the job before hiring a third-country national. Our wish is to deliver an ambitious and progressive withdrawal agreement; we want to be clear that sufficient progress - especially on citizenship and the financial settlement - is needed before we can define this new relationship between the European Union and the UK.

The UK offer requires those eligible for "settled status" to apply for it, but promises a "streamlined, digital" and "user-friendly" system, saying the government will use existing government records as proof as much as possible to minimise the need to provide documents.

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"It also seems that Britain wants to become the new champion of red tape", he added, noting that each family member - including children - would have to apply for this status separately, and in some cases make two applications.

Even so, "I don't think you have to be anxious that after 25 years in Germany, you'll immediately be bundled off to Birmingham" when Britain leaves the EU, Merkel told the questioner who asked if whether on March 2019 the federal police "will show up at 6:30 a.m. and pick me up?"

Michel Barnier told an European Union committee in Brussels that there will be "negative" consequences to Brexit, which result from the UK's decision to vote Leave in last year's referendum and not from any attempt by the European Union to "punish" the UK.

German business leaders also cast doubt on ministers' claims that lobbying by the country's industries will help secure a Brexit trade deal.