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The idea is that if you're in the wild, or somewhere unsafe, you can set a time period, and after that, the app automatically shares your location with contacts.

Trusted Contacts is primarily a safety-and-awareness app, one that could, for example, put a parent's mind at ease by showing them where their child is and making it possible to get their location in the case of an emergency. However, Google Play is growing faster - it's up 72% since a year ago, compared with 52% revenue growth in the App Store - and will become more crucial as Android penetration increases in emerging markets.

Apple's Find My Friends app can be a really useful way to share your location with your partner, family and friends, but it relies on everyone having an iOS device. But because I'll be alerted to requests, I'd happily add them to this app.

Users can also choose how quickly their location will be automatically shared if they know they'll be away from their phone and unable to answer.

The app also allowed contacts to receive your phone's location if it's offline - for occasions like hiking - when you might be in an area without coverage.

Trusted Contacts is available to download now. The delay, which can be adjusted in app settings, can be dialed up to an hour now, but is set to five minutes at install. One can add contacts in the app to start sharing whereabouts with friends and family. Trusted Contacts is just one of the many apps that make location sharing easy. The company has also updated the app to app support to 9 new languages, bringing total support to 25 languages across the world.