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But their latest bill, which Senate GOP leaders hope to pass sometime this month, wouldn't live up to their promises or come anywhere close. And billions of dollars' worth of cuts mean that some people with disabilities may lose their coverage for assisted living services.

The current Republican plan will consolidate healthcare in large cities and force more rural citizens to travel long distances for basic healthcare.

They are attacking Hillary Clinton. And even if you get your health insurance through your employer, you could be paying more for less care.

First the Republicans criticized Sens.

"Where's your plan?" tweeted the GOP to Clinton. That is why we're working to reform our health care system.

The event included members of the American Civil Liberties Union, the American Federation of Teachers, MomsRising, UltraViolet, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood Action Fund and other organization along with elected officials such as U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken, Bernie Sanders and Debbie Stabenow.

Trump's sudden embrace of "repeal then replace" is a surprise. Donald Trump and other Republicans want to reduce our deficit by taking health care away from millions of Americans.

Clinton's proposal looked a lot like recommendations that former President Barack Obama made before leaving office. Those estimates were bad enough, but more recently and with a bit less notice, the CBO estimated that spending on Medicaid - the chief federal health care program for the poor and near-poor - would be 35 percent lower in 2036 under the supposedly more moderate Senate version of the bill than under current law.

Although, after all the compromises, not a single Republican voted for the ACA.

Meanwhile, demonstrators across the country are gathering at their local representatives' offices Thursday to voice their opposition against the GOP's Better Care Reconciliation Act.

According to the World Health Organization, "American women are four times more likely to die in pregnancy and childbirth as women in those other countries that excel in areas of health care that the US isn't doing". That money can't be recouped through state taxes.

The Senate bill would also relax regulations on insurance, including requirements on the services insurers must cover, thereby making it harder for people with pre-existing conditions to get the coverage they need. It would undercut the health care safety net, almost doubling the uninsured rate, while delivering a massive tax cut for corporations and the wealthy.

The public doesn't share that conviction. But you don't see many congressional Republicans who support the bill admitting to its most basic features, or defending them with an argument as to why its projected outcome would be worth the bill's trade-offs.

Medicaid is a crucial part of getting through everyday life for so many children and families in my practice and in the state.