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The president also retweeted a Fox News report on The Hill's article. "That is so illegal!"

"According to the Hill, the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director's personal memos detailing private conversations with President Trump contained top secret information". "It's against the law".

The president also used Twitter to push out several "Fox & Friends" clips Monday morning, including one accusing Comey of having his friend leak top secret information, and another accusing the media of not representing half of the country.

But while Trump's cable news obsession might make it easier to identify the source of misleading reports he shares, fact-checking will likely do nothing to stop his supporters on social media from repeating the falsehood. Trump's tweet clarifies his expectation that GOP leadership will secure support for the bill before Congress breaks for August recess.

Second, even if we assume the report is accurate (as I am inclined to do), it indicates that at least four of the seven memos contain classified information - not that all of them do. If The Hill's report is accurate, however, a classification review has now happened, and it has been determined that more than half of the memos contain classified information.

In congressional testimony, Comey said he believes Trump fired him because he resisted the president's request that he "let this go" regarding an investigation into former Michael Flynn and his contacts with the US ambassador to Russian Federation. The memos contained information he obtained as a government employee and the memos were the property of the government. It is not mentioned if any information was redacted when Comey passed along the memo. But according to the Hill, the F.B.I. designated them as government documents, which means Comey could have also violated F.B.I. policy by disclosing the single memo.

She pointed out that Comey admitted in congressional testimony that he had used an old friend at Columbia University to get his memos leaked to The New York Times, with the intention of triggering the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Russian meddling in the campaign and possible collusion with Trump associates. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.).

While testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee last month, Comey claimed that the now-infamous memos he made after meeting with Trump were unclassified, but that one or two may have contained classified information. "Memos that went to Congress, and not me, may well have been classified".