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United Kingdom defence chiefs have backed transgender people serving in the armed forces after President Donald Trump announced they are to be banned from the USA military. He also questioned the President's reasoning, "For us to say to them we can't afford to pay for your healthcare, but we want you to die for us, is so beyond offensive".

The irony is great.

Transgender veterans and active-duty troops spoke Wednesday about Trump's Twitter pronouncement banning transgender people from military service. But any American who believes in even a modicum of equitable treatment among its citizens should feel affronted, not only because they can be threatened next, but because his proposal endangers the very notion that our nation aspires to live up to principles of democracy. And while they and other senators were seeking answers Wednesday, the White House was providing basically none. Local veterans are also split on the issue. "I think it's incredibly disrespectful and reckless the president to tweet out a major policy change like that that affects the lives of men and women serving our country and some of them in harm's way".

"Republican" Caitlyn Jenner has come out to slam President Donald Trump's newly announced policy of banning transgenders in the United States armed forces. So, yes, again Trump lied.

Later at press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders offered a little insight into the decision. What a flawless demonstration of their inability to defend their own actions.

In a sign that the politics of the issue might not be in Trump's favor, Republicans in purple states, including Arizona Sen. The announcement reverses an Obama-era policy that allowed transgender troops to serve openly in the military.

We have qualified and trained transgender service members already in place, as well as transgender Americans who are able and willing to join and serve their country.

"Our office is working on legislation to stop this from happening and on an amendment to the NDAA, but these are all long-term fixes", Moran Banai, a senior adviser in the senator's office, said in an email, referencing the large defense budget bill known as the National Defense Authorization Act.

There have been many theories about the cynical motivations for Trump's proposal. In hot water with the right wing and seeing the special prosecutor hot on his trail in the Russia-collusion/obstruction-of-justice investigation, he chose to appeal to the worst instincts and prejudices of his socially conservative base.

"Trump's got hate for me and you".

And boy does Trump know his audience. Social conservatives are praising the decision.

Dunford, in his message to the USA military, appeared to acknowledge uncertainty in the ranks.

He added: "We have a justifiably rigorous selection process but it doesn't include discrimination and we're a better fighting force for it". There is no right to serve in the military.

"It's political rhetoric and the military doesn't stand for that rhetoric", she said.

The incident reminds us that Trump's impulsiveness and self-absorption make him incapable of thinking beyond his self-interest. The Kentucky family policy group says this is just about military readiness.

Democrats seen as prospects for the party's presidential nomination in 2020 immediately lambasted Trump's move.