After having talks with the US President Donald Trump, the French President, Emmanuel Macron has assessed that the US President might reconsider his stance on Paris Climate Change agreement.

"I'd be taken aback, I think", she said during a televised interview when asked how she'd respond to those comments.

Last week, Trump, 71, made headlines after he said to Brigitte Macron she was "in such good physical shape".

Touring the sights of the French capital on an official state visit, Trump decided it was an apt moment to tell Brigitte Macron, his French counterpart's wife, that she was "in such good shape".

Lessons learned: Don't make icky sexist comments to women at work (or anywhere else, ever), and beware the wrath of Reebok.

"The president spoke with President Trump in a five-minute phone call".

The Insiders programme previously drew worldwide attention for criticism of Trump after a video of ABC Political Editor Chris Uhlmann analysing the president's apparent isolation at the G20 Summit in Hamburg went viral.

Macron has stated that his Paris charm offensive on the United States president was "carefully calculated" and may have altered Trump's mind about climate change. "Love those Australians!" said another. Beautiful"? Reebok offers avery specific set of circumstances: When you have just discovered "a forgotten action figure from your youth, unscathed after decades, in your parents' basement", it is totally appropriate to say "You're in such good shape!

Macron's latest comments will further fuel speculation that the U.S. may not complete the lengthy exit process for leaving the Paris Agreement and could instead put forward an alternative national climate action plan, known as a Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) in the UN's jargon, that focuses more on Trump's fossil fuel priorities.

Relations between historically close allies Australia and the USA have been somewhat fraught since Trump entered the White House in January.

The Trump-Macron handshake battle began right at their first meeting when both leaders engaged in a fierce white-knuckle squeeze.

But we'd say any flyaway remark on physique is well out of line for a formal presidential encounter - and addressing the "beautiful" remark to Brigitte's husband is pure patronising misogyny.