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Mass Effect Andromeda has been under fire ever since its release and if you were wondering whether or not developers would bother with story DLC, we may have some bad news.

Sinclair Networks's post said that due to EA recently reportedly putting Mass Effect on hiatus, the publisher has decided not to waste any further resources on new content for Andromeda. Some were good, like Lair of the Shadow Broker, and some were not so good, like Mass Effect 3's Citadel. The Mass Effect game series is one of the best-loved in the entire gaming world, so it was understandable when its hardcore fans rebuked Andromeda for its mediocre graphics, poor choice of characters and overall boring and confusing missions. Kotaku first reported in April that BioWare shelved plans for a Mass Effect: Andromeda sequel and transferred its employees to other BioWare studios to work on other projects like Anthem.

Like all information of this type, it must be taken with caution and until BioWare issues an official statement we will know the actual situation of Mass Effect: Andromeda. However while it wasn't exactly awful, it did not live up to the hype and it seems that many gamers were a bit disappointed with it, so much so that apparently the future of the franchise has been put on hold.

Rumors About Cancelled Mass Effect: Andromeda DLC Rubbished

This is according to Jason Schreier of Kotaku, who dismissed the Facebook post by a studio called Sinclair Networks that broke the news as a hoax, and confirmed through his sources that the developer is indeed not expanding the single-player experience of the game. This is disappointing but not exactly surprising, considering the downsizing of BioWare Montreal.

The future for Mass Effect, however, looks dismal.