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"We want to take RuneScape to where people are playing, whether that's in its current MMORPG form or a spin-off franchise - that's something you'll see in the future, going onto new devices for new territories is one of the key things we're pushing towards at the moment".

Jagex will answer questions about the Old School and regular RuneScape mobile ports on July 19 at 7 p.m. UTC / 3 p.m. EST on the official RuneScape Twitch channel. You can also choose to play exclusively on your mobile device, seeing how you will get full versions of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. However, having a major desktop MMO incorporate cross-platform play for mobile devices is unprecedented, and will hopefully underline the benefits of such support to other developers behind games in the genre, as well as introducing a new generation of gamers to a beloved classic. Players can use their existing accounts and play in the same servers that they use in the PC versions of the games. This version still gets updates, but only if 75% of the community agrees on the proposed changes. The free-to-play title has since attracted over 250 million registered players. Jagex plans on releasing Old School RuneScape Mobile in winter 2017, and RuneScape Mobile not long afterward in 2018.

For starters, Jagex announced that mobile RuneScape players will be able to play with their PC counterparts. Since first releasing in 2001, Jagex's browser-based MMORPG has quietly built a huge player base. Accounts, characters, and progress will sync perfectly between the PC and mobile versions, with full interoperable play between the two platforms. That's right, the same great RuneScape but now on your smartphone or tablet. The Old School and modern clients could re-engage the existing audience that may use mobile devices more than PCs.