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"From day one of the Senate discussions, in a working group that Sen". Mike Lee (R-UT).

The New York Democrat went on to say, "In addition, Americans with pre-existing conditions will nearly certainly be left without access to affordable and quality health care, making this even worse than the House bill on this issue".

The Utah Republican has chosen his words carefully throughout the past few months.

Senator Cruz will wrap up his town hall series in Houston on Saturday. In San Antonio he talked about an amendment he wants to add to the legislation. Cruz's insistence, according to GOP aides, in recent weeks that the Senate bill scrap the regulations governing pre-existing conditions is a shift that has made their job more hard.

Whatever the end result is, it'll be done only with Republican votes.

Leaders have sent two version of a revised Senate healthcare bill to the Congressional Budget Office - one with the Cruz amendment and one without it, a GOP aide confirmed to The Hill.

Cruz (R-TX) will continue to push for an amendment that would allow health insurers to sell plans that do not comply with Obamacare insurance regulations if they sell plans that do comply with those regulations. However, there is some debate over whether or not this will actually lower total premiums. But experts warn such segmenting leads to expensive and volatile insurance markets.

Many in the audience were veterans, including Dick Starie who served in the Air Force for 14 years.

"The federal government caused that problem", he told Pags. Cruz shot back: "You can request it". "I believe we can get to yes - I don't know if we will".

Lee is making this the price of his support for the Senate plan. Cruz gave a lengthy answer explaining why he thinks it should be repealed. That could make it easier for McConnell to pick off moderate votes.

In addition, Cruz said ultimately Congress needs to give veterans more chances to see private sector doctors rather than being required to just going to the VA systems.

McConnell is starting to play some real hardball with his wayward Republicans: He's threatening bipartisanship.

Like Mr. McConnell, however, he said failure to provide relief from wobbly insurance markets is not an option. "It's not just passing a bill whose title is Obamacare repeal".

Marsh then stood up and defended the health care law for several minutes.

Centene fills Missouri's empty counties.

The motto, to paraphrase former President Obama, could be: "If you like your ACA health care plan, you can keep it". Missouri is now the latest state to benefit, after Centene announced it would sell plans there next year. However, their Consumer Freedom Option may unite the Senate's fractious GOP majority behind Affordable Care Act repeal and replacement.

The town hall comes amid a wave of pressure on GOP senators from constituents over the July 4th break to vote against the Senate bill.

"But sitting at home isn't going to help", said Adrienne Balkany a resident of Buda, who stood in almost 100 degree temperatures during rush hour to hold a sign advocating for a single payer health care system. The idea, also backed by Sen. The theory is that this will allow insurance companies to offer a more diverse range of less comprehensive, and therefore cheaper, plans. "They wanted to repeal it". Join our Facebook community for conversation and updates.