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The FBI found them Wednesday after four days of methodical hand-digging and sifting in a spot on the 90-acre farm that dogs had sniffed out.

Cosmo DiNardo and Sean Kratz were both charged with the criminal homicide in the deaths of four missing Pennsylvania men Friday. On Thursday, DiNardo apologized when asked about the murders, CBS2 reported.

"Beautiful family", said a neighbor, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

One of the victims is 19-year-old Jimi Patrick, a Loyola University Maryland student.

The missing men are identified as 19-year-old Dean Finocchiaro, 19-year-old Jimi Tar Patrick, 21-year-old Tom Meo and 22-year-old Mark Sturgis.

On Thursday, DiNardo told authorities he had agreed to sell Patrick 4 pounds of pot for $8,000.

An affidavit naming the cousins - DiNardo, of Bensalem, and Kratz, of Northeast Philadelphia, both 20 - said the four victims were lured to the farm in Solebury to buy several pounds of marijuana.

This story has been corrected to show DiNardo is 20, not 22. He then drove over Meo, who may have still been alive at that point, with a backhoe.

The mystery of the four men's disappearances transfixed the Philadelphia area over the past week, taking a grisly turn when human remains were discovered in a 12½-foot-deep grave on a farm.

The prosecutor, who has held twice-daily briefings, made it clear Thursday he knew a lot more than he was saying, citing the need to protect the investigation. DiNardo picked Kratz, his cousin, beforehand, and they drove to Finocchiaro's residence in Middletown Township.

Dinardo would later tell police he had a Smith and Wesson.357 revolver.

All three drove to his family's Lower York Road property.

The trio then entered the barn. Authorities said the title had not been signed, indicating Meo had not transferred the title to anyone or authorized its sale. Lang also said DiNardo is remorseful over the crime.

That same day, a marijuana "deal" was set up by Dinardo with Meo - Sturgis came along. The location was within a couple of miles from where Meo's auto was found and where Sturgis' vehicle was discovered, a short distance away.

On the last night Meo and Sturgis were seen, a police license plate scanner picked up DiNardo's truck and Meo's auto driving just seconds apart. "He collapsed to the ground screaming". Sturgis started running away, but he shot him, too, with a Smith and Wesson. Meo was struck in the back with a.357 handgun and Sturgis was sacked at several times after trying to flee.

Three of the slain men were buried at the farm, in Solebury, in an oil tank that had been converted into a cooker.

Meo and Sturgis are good friends and work together, according to court records.

FBI investigators are using machinery to dig out an area identified by cadaver dogs on a 90-acre farm.

In an interview on Thursday, Kratz also placed himself at the scene for three of the killings. Officials say Meo could not survive without the kit. Instead Dinardo tried a backhoe to move the body.

"There was an attempt to burn the bodies, to obliterate them, but I don't believe that was successful", Weintraub said.

The cousins returned Saturday to dig the big hole.

Authorities have given their word after sometime of thorough investigations.

"When they (Meo and Sturgis) turned their backs on me, I shot Tom in the back", Dinardo allegedly told detectives questioning him, according to a criminal complaint.