Monsters University director Dan Scanlan is bringing one of his most personal stories to the big screen with Pixar's next untitled film. Backstage, the stars got in on the selfie action - posting photos to Instagram and even smiling with Beauty and the Beast and Frozen star Josh Gad.

There's more where they came from, too.

John Lasseter hosted the entire two-hour presentation and he started things off by giving props to Moana, Zootopia, Cars 3, and Finding Dory for their great success at the box office.

With confetti falling from the ceiling, 160-plus dancers filling the aisles, and a Coco poster giveaway on the way out, every fan left with a smile on their face-looks like the animation studios continue to be huge crowd pleasers as usual. C-3PO even shows up at the end of the incredible mashup clip. The untitled sound-barrier breaking film is slated for April 12 2019. Then we heard from its stars Josh Gad and Kristen Bell all about the spin-off featurette Olaf's Frozen Adventure. In it Gad's snowman Olaf learns about holiday traditions to cheer up Anna and Elsa. No other plot or cast details were revealed for the 2019 release. After sharing a few titles the movie will not have - like Thawed and Frozen Dinner - Lasseter revealed that the directing team traveled to Iceland, Norway and Finland to do research for some new artistic backdrops for the sequel.

That's where Vanellope will meet the aforementioned princesses, who will all be voiced by their original vocal talent. The film finds Wreck-It Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Vanellope exploring the internet in hopes of finding an essential replacement part for their arcade game. As one scene shows nearly all of them, Lasseter introduced their voices to the D23 Expo crowd. It was previously announced that Laseter would be working with Cooley in a co-direction capacity, but that has now changed, apparently. The character will also be voiced by Taraji P. Henson from Empire.

The movie is set in a world of "suburban fantasy". There are no humans in this world, the residents are elves, trolls, and sprites and unicorns are so rampant they're "practically rodents".

Lastly, Lasseter introduced Lee Unkrich, Adrian Molina, and Darla K. Anderson to discuss Coco which is going to be hitting theaters on November 22 of this year.