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Pursuing the same complaints, the lawsuit argues that Trump's Twitter account constitutes a public forum and blocking those users is violation of their First Amendment rights, making it unconstitutional.

While it seems clear that Trump uses Twitter as an official platform - the White House has confirmed his Tweets are official statements and is preserving them - the lawsuit could come down to whether the microblogging site counts as a public forum.

The lawsuit against Trump and his aides, filed in the Southern District of NY, followed a letter sent by the Knight First Amendment Institute to the White House in June, asking the President to unblock people. By their action, they are also intended Sean Spicer, a spokesman for the White House, and Daniel Scavino, in charge of social networks to the president.

When contacted, Twitter declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Whether Trump's demeanor in the messages he posts is "presidential" is debatable, but his own spokespeople have made clear that his tweets constitute "official statements". Most recently, the White House has forbidden reporters from recording press briefings, an act that journalists across the US have widely condemned.

A tweet is displayed at The Daily Show-produced 'Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library, ' June 16, 2017 in New York City. The blocked Twitter users, represented by the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University, raised cutting-edge issues about how the Constitution applies to the social media era...

Twitter declined to comment on the number of people who have been blocked from following the President's account.

Cohen's pinned tweet announcing his lawsuit cheekily states: "See you in court, Mr. President", above an image of Trump labeled as "Corrupt", "Incompetent", and "Authoritarian" in bright and capitalized yellow letters.

President Donald Trump has been sued by a free-speech group, which claims his practice of blocking Twitter users violates the First Amendment.

He said: 'Now I have extremely limited access to the public forum where I once could be heard. To block users is to deny citizens their right to participate in the government. This sounds pretty flimsy on the surface, but is justified by the fact that the Trump administration has described the president's personal tweets as "official statements," and that his team "use the account to make formal announcements, defend the president's official actions, report on meetings with foreign leaders, and promote the administration's positions".

Trump recently defended his daily usage of the social media app. North Carolina, 15-1194, has helped solidify the extension of First Amendment rights into the digital environment, Fallow said.