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Mr Liu's heath has deteriorated since authorities revealed last month (June) that he had been transferred from prison to a hospital due to late-stage liver cancer.

But Chinese officials have ignored calls by worldwide human rights groups, Western governments and local activists to grant Liu's wish to be treated overseas, raising fears he will die without having tasted freedom.

"We continue to call on China to release him so that he can receive medical treatment wherever he desires".

While the hospital has tried active anti-infection therapy and blood purification treatment, those procedures have not helped to improve the condition of Liu's liver.

The hospital in the north of the country where Liu, 61, was admitted said in a statement that he had been suffering from a stomach infection, peritonitis, organ dysfunction and septic shock, a critical condition that can lead to death, Efe news reported.

"It's also legitimate to question if the authorities are releasing the information about his worsening health as an attempt to delay and justify not allowing Liu Xiaobo to leave the country", Poon added.

"The economy is strong, the military is rising — does China still care about worldwide political opinion?" said Zhang Lifan, a liberal political commentator in Beijing. The hospital is making every effort to rescue him.

He was sentenced to 11 years in prison for "inciting subversion of state power", a law often used by Chinese authorities to silence dissidents.

At the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo in 2010, he was represented by an empty chair.

Chinese state media have provided extensive coverage this past week of President Xi Jinping's recent achievements, especially his travels to Russian Federation and Germany, which they portrayed as a massive public relations triumph for China.

She said Washington was pleased that U.S. and German medical experts have been able to visit the terminally-ill cancer patient.

Another clip shows him telling doctors in a conference room that he does not think physicians in Germany can do better, but he said he was willing to take him out of China.

"We hope relevant countries will respect China's judicial sovereignty and not use a so-called individual case to interfere in China's internal affairs", said Geng Shuang at a regular press briefing. "This is a political charade", the article said.

Mr Liu's declining health has become the subject of global attention, with supporters and several foreign governments calling for him to be freed to go overseas for treatment.

A video leaked earlier this week showed the Western doctors praising their Chinese counterparts as they stood by Liu's bedside.

Two Western doctors visited him and said on Sunday that they deemed him strong enough to be evacuated, apparently contradicting Chinese expert opinion.

The German embassy lashed out at what it called a breach of doctor-patient confidentiality, saying Monday it seems that "security organs are steering the process, not medical experts".

Mr Liu is receiving dialysis and plasma transfusions.

The hospital video leak followed a familiar pattern.